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The proof is at the print shop

The biodiesel recipe card is finished and has been uploaded to the print shop server. The postcards will be going out next week! Advertisements

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Biodiesel is the first step

Last Friday I visited a biodiesel refinery in Belvidere, Illinois. Operated by BioVantage Fuels LLC, the plant takes waste vegetable oil from restaurants in the greater Chicago area and converts it to B95 and B100 fuel. The fuel must meet … Continue reading

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Jury-rigging a reflux condenser

Biodiesel is a blend of fatty acid methyl esters. For the initial test of the notional modified Bouveault-Blanc reduction, it would be better to use a pure reactant to simplify product analysis. Stearic acid can be converted to methyl stearate … Continue reading

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A video message

Communicating an idea concisely and precisely is a big challenge! A page has been added to acknowledge sponsors and supporters of the project. Please check back often for progress updates!

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